Fat Oil and Grease FOG Drain Surveys in Brighton and Sussex

FOG surveys are essential for maintaining your property’s plumbing health and ensuring environmental compliance. Contact us to safeguard your business.


Impact of FOG on Infrastructure

FOG accumulation can lead to severe blockages, disrupting sewer function and damaging infrastructure. Neglecting FOG management poses risks of costly repairs and environmental penalties. Regular FOG surveys by our experts at 24/7 Drainage UK identify hazards early, safeguarding your property’s value and ensuring compliance.

Why Choose 24/7 Drainage UK for Fat Oil and Grease FOG Surveys

At 24/7 Drainage UK, we specialise in FOG Drain Surveys, ensuring your Brighton and Sussex properties remain compliant and efficient.

Fast Response

Our emergency teams respond swiftly to FOG-related issues, minimising potential damage.

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We provide clear, upfront pricing for FOG surveys, with no unexpected fees.

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Our certified professionals are trained in the latest FOG survey techniques.

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Why Choose 24/7 Drainage UK

For comprehensive FOG drain surveys in Brighton and Sussex, trust our expertise to protect your property.

  • Decades of industry experience
  • Cutting-edge survey technology
  • Commitment to customer satisfaction
  • Fully insured and accredited services
  • Transparent pricing with no hidden fees

Trusted Company

We’ve built a reputation for reliability and excellence in FOG management across Brighton and Sussex.


Our history is rich with successful FOG survey projects, ensuring tailored solutions for you.

Skilled Professionals

Our team’s proficiency guarantees effective FOG surveys, safeguarding your infrastructure.

Work Guaranteed

We stand by our work, offering guarantees for peace of mind and consistent quality.

Accreditations and Certifications

Our 25+ years of experience, 5 Star Google Reviews, and Trusted Trader status underscore our commitment to excellence in FOG management. Trust Pilot accredited, we set industry benchmarks.

Why Are Professional FOG Surveys Essential?

Professional Fat, Oil, and Grease (FOG) surveys are crucial for maintaining your property’s plumbing and sewage systems. Conducted by certified experts, these surveys provide a detailed analysis of FOG accumulation, which can cause significant blockages and environmental harm if not managed properly.

At 24/7 Drainage UK, we specialise in identifying and mitigating FOG-related issues, ensuring your compliance with the latest regulations and preventing costly maintenance or fines.

  • Certified professionals conduct thorough inspections
  • Advanced techniques identify hidden blockages
  • Tailored solutions prevent future FOG problems

About 24/7 Drainage UK

At 24/7 Drainage UK, we provide specialised FOG survey services to ensure your property’s compliance and efficiency.

Drain Unblocking

Our drain unblocking service swiftly removes FOG build-ups, restoring your drainage system’s integrity and preventing environmental harm.

Drain Cleaning

Regular drain cleaning is essential for FOG management, reducing risks of blockages and extending the lifespan of your infrastructure.

Relining & Repair

We offer relining and repair solutions to address FOG damage, reinforcing your system against future FOG-related issues.

CCTV Surveys & Inspection

Utilising CCTV technology, our surveys provide precise insights into FOG accumulation, enabling targeted interventions.

Installation & Excavation

Our team expertly handles installations and excavations, ensuring proper FOG management systems are in place for your property.

Emergency Services

For urgent FOG concerns, our emergency services are available around the clock, providing peace of mind and immediate assistance.

Clients That Trust Us

Renowned entities like NHS and Hilton Hotels choose us for our expertise in FOG management and survey precision.

Our Fat Oil and Grease FOG Surveys Process


Initial Assessment
and Consultation

Our FOG survey begins with a comprehensive assessment of your premises to understand your specific needs.


Advanced Diagnostic

We utilise CCTV technology for precise internal inspections, ensuring accurate identification of FOG accumulations.


Detailed Reporting
and Analysis

Our experts analyse the findings to provide you with a detailed report, outlining the necessary actions.


Customised FOG Management

Based on the survey, we tailor FOG management strategies to effectively address and prevent issues.

What We Offer: In-Depth Look

Our FOG survey services utilise the latest techniques to address and prevent FOG-related issues, offering comprehensive solutions for property managers.

After completing your Fat Oil and Grease FOG Drain Surveys in Brighton and Sussex, our commitment to you doesn’t end. We offer ongoing support to ensure your drainage system remains free of FOG-related issues. Regular maintenance is key to effective FOG management, and our tailored plans are designed to meet your specific needs, keeping your operations running smoothly and compliantly.

Our post-survey support includes scheduled follow-ups and proactive maintenance strategies. By establishing a regular FOG survey schedule with us, you benefit from preventative measures that reduce the likelihood of blockages and downtime. We understand that each client’s needs are unique, which is why we customise our maintenance plans to align with your specific operational requirements, ensuring optimal long-term drainage health.

At 24/7 Drainage UK, we understand that each facility has unique FOG management needs. We customise our FOG surveys by considering factors such as your facility’s size, kitchen output, and existing waste management practices. This tailored approach ensures that we identify the most effective strategies for your specific situation, enhancing the overall effectiveness of our FOG surveys.

Our bespoke solutions range from installing appropriate grease management systems to providing staff training on best practices. By addressing the specific challenges and requirements of your facility, we not only help you comply with regulations but also optimise your operations for long-term efficiency and sustainability. With our tailored FOG management plans, you can rest assured that your drainage system is in expert hands.

At 24/7 Drainage UK, our FOG surveys adhere to stringent quality standards, ensuring every inspection is thorough and every solution is effective. We maintain these standards through regular training, state-of-the-art equipment, and strict adherence to industry best practices.

Our commitment to service excellence means that we not only meet but exceed your expectations in FOG management. This dedication benefits you by providing reliable, long-term solutions to FOG-related issues, ensuring your operations remain uninterrupted and environmentally compliant.

At 24/7 Drainage UK, your safety and property security are paramount during our FOG surveys. We adhere to strict safety protocols, employing only certified technicians who are trained to handle hazardous materials and work in confined spaces safely. Our equipment is regularly inspected and maintained to prevent any malfunctions that could pose risks during the survey process.

We understand the importance of security for your property. That’s why we integrate comprehensive safety checks before and after our FOG surveys to ensure no damage or security breaches occur. Our team respects your space, leaving it as clean and secure as when we arrived. Safety and security aren’t just a part of our jobthey’re a part of our promise to you.

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Residential & Commercial FOG Management

At 24/7 Drainage UK, we tailor Fat Oil and Grease FOG Drain Surveys in Brighton and Sussex to suit both residential and commercial properties.

  • Residential properties require frequent kitchen checks.
  • Commercial sites need comprehensive FOG management plans..
  • Customised strategies for diverse property sizes.
  • Unique challenges addressed in each setting.

Sectors We Work In

At 24/7 Drainage UK, we serve a diverse range of sectors with our FOG survey services, each with its unique challenges.


In healthcare, we ensure FOG compliance to maintain hygienic, uninterrupted facility operations.


We keep office plumbing systems efficient, avoiding FOG-related disruptions to business activities.


Industrial settings rely on us for robust FOG management to prevent equipment damage and downtime.

Public Buildings

Our FOG surveys in public buildings prioritise safety and public health, preventing costly shutdowns.


Heritage properties receive our careful FOG surveying to preserve structural integrity without invasive techniques.


Retail spaces benefit from our discreet and efficient FOG surveys, ensuring customer experience remains unaffected.


In hospitality, our FOG solutions are designed to handle high-volume kitchens and maintain guest satisfaction.


Educational institutions trust our FOG surveys to provide safe and compliant dining facilities for students.

Qualified & Insured FOG Survey Experts

Our team at 24/7 Drainage UK holds top-tier qualifications for conducting FOG surveys, ensuring your peace of mind.

With comprehensive insurance coverage, you’re protected during our FOG survey operations. Our qualifications and insurance mean reliability for you, safeguarding against any unforeseen issues. It’s crucial to choose a provider like us, who not only understands the intricacies of FOG management but also carries the necessary credentials and insurance to back up our expertise. This ensures that your property is in safe hands, and you’re covered in every aspect of the service.

What clients are saying…

Our Guarantee

  • No call out charges
  • Qualified & Certified
  • Response time often 1 hour or less
  • 24 hour / 7 days per week service
  • Honest and transparent pricing
  • Fixed price regardless of time required
  • If we don’t clear the blockage. You do not pay
  • Minimal inconvenience

We Make It Easy

Schedule a Site Evaluation

Contact us to arrange a FOG survey at your convenience, ensuring minimal disruption to your routine.

Group Work Team Dispatched

Our skilled team arrives promptly, equipped to assess and address your FOG management needs efficiently.

Detailed Project Breakdown

Post-survey, we provide a clear, actionable report, guiding your next steps in FOG mitigation.

Transparent Pricing

Ensuring Clarity in Costs: At Milan Groundworks and Civil Engineers, we believe in clear and upfront pricing for all our waterproofing services.

Factors Affecting Your Quote: The cost of waterproofing your property depends on the size, condition, and specific requirements of the project. We consider every detail to provide you with the most accurate estimate.

Tailored Estimates for Every Client: We provide detailed breakdowns, ensuring you understand the value of each aspect of our service. Whether it’s for a residential home or a large commercial development, we adapt our solutions to meet your budgetary needs without compromising on quality.

Factors Affecting Your Quote: The cost of waterproofing your property depends on the size, condition, and specific requirements of the project. We consider every detail to provide you with the most accurate estimate.

Tailored Estimates for Every Client: We provide detailed breakdowns, ensuring you understand the value of each aspect of our service. Whether it’s for a residential home or a large commercial development, we adapt our solutions to meet your budgetary needs without compromising on quality.

Factors Affecting Your Quote: The cost of waterproofing your property depends on the size, condition, and specific requirements of the project. We consider every detail to provide you with the most accurate estimate.

Tailored Estimates for Every Client: We provide detailed breakdowns, ensuring you understand the value of each aspect of our service. Whether it’s for a residential home or a large commercial development, we adapt our solutions to meet your budgetary needs without compromising on quality.

Equipment/Materials Used in FOG Surveys

State-of-the-Art Survey Equipment

At 24/7 Drainage UK, we use advanced equipment for precise FOG surveys..

Ensuring Accurate Results

Our high-tech tools, like CCTV cameras, provide detailed insights into your drainage system’s condition, ensuring accurate and reliable survey results.

  • High-resolution CCTV for internal inspections
  • Hydro-jetting machines for blockage clearance
  • Grease traps for FOG containment
  • Advanced sensors for FOG level detection
  • GPS mapping for precise location tracking
  • Robust software for data analysis
  • Eco-friendly solvents for safe cleaning
  • Automated technology for efficient surveys
  • Regularly calibrated instruments for accuracy
  • Industry-grade PPE for safety compliance

Up-to-Date and Effective

We regularly update our equipment, staying at the forefront of FOG management technology. This commitment to using the latest tools not only enhances the effectiveness of our surveys but also ensures that we can provide you with the most comprehensive FOG management solutions. With 24/7 Drainage UK, you benefit from services that are not only reliable but also incorporate the latest advancements in the industry, keeping your property safe and compliant.

Project Timeframes for FOG Surveys

At 24/7 Drainage UK, we understand that your time is valuable. That’s why we strive to complete FOG surveys efficiently, typically within a few hours to a day, depending on the complexity of your property’s drainage system. We ensure timely delivery of survey results so you can quickly take any necessary actions.

Ensuring Timely Delivery

We prioritise efficient service delivery, ensuring you receive FOG survey results promptly.

Factors Affecting Duration

  • Advanced scheduling systems for quick service
  • Experienced technicians for rapid assessments
  • Streamlined processes for faster turnaround

Communication and Management

Several factors can influence the timeframe of a FOG survey:

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Exceptional Customer Service


Setting Industry Standards

Our customer care sets us apart, ensuring your FOG survey experience is unmatched.


Enhancing Survey Experience

We personalise our service, making your FOG survey process smooth and stress-free.


Core Service Principles

Our philosophy: transparency, reliability, and customer-focused solutions in FOG management.

Contributing to Success

Exceptional service is key to our successful FOG management and your satisfaction.

  • Prompt response to inquiries
  • Tailored solutions for your needs
  • Continuous communication throughout service
  • Aftercare support for lasting results

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our FAQs to understand FOG management’s legalities and how we ensure compliance.

When you’re managing a property, business, or facility, understanding the environmental impact of fats, oils, and greases (FOG) is crucial. Regular FOG surveys are not just a compliance requirement; they play a significant role in environmental stewardship. By identifying and managing FOG waste properly, you help prevent sewer blockages, which can lead to overflows and pollution of local waterways.

Environmental Protection Through FOG Management

Proper FOG management, starting with comprehensive surveys, protects the environment by:

  • Preventing Sewer Overflows: By detecting FOG build-up early, we can prevent overflows that contaminate water bodies and harm wildlife.
  • Reducing Soil Contamination: FOG can seep into the soil, affecting plant life and groundwater. Surveys help us mitigate this risk.
  • Minimising Odour and Air Pollution: Decomposing FOG can release harmful gases. Regular surveys and clean-ups keep the air cleaner.

Sustainable Practices in FOG Surveys

We at 24/7 Drainage UK are committed to sustainable practices in our FOG surveys by:

  • Using Eco-Friendly Techniques: Our methods minimise environmental impact, from assessment to clean-up.
  • Recycling FOG Waste: Where possible, we convert FOG into biofuel, turning a problem into a resource.
  • Educating Clients: We provide guidance on sustainable FOG disposal and management practices.

The Importance of Environmental Stewardship

Environmental stewardship is about taking responsibility for our impact on the planet. In the context of FOG management, it means:

  • Protecting Public Health: Proper FOG disposal safeguards water quality, which is essential for public health.
  • Conserving Resources: Efficient FOG management reduces the need for extensive clean-up operations, conserving resources.
  • Supporting Biodiversity: Clean waterways support diverse ecosystems. By managing FOG, we contribute to the health of these systems.

By choosing to conduct regular FOG surveys, you’re not only complying with regulations but also contributing to a healthier environment. It’s a proactive step that reflects your commitment to sustainability and public well-being. If you’re ready to schedule a FOG survey or want to learn more about our environmentally friendly practices, contact us today. Your decision to manage FOG responsibly is an investment in a cleaner, safer future for everyone.

Regular Fat, Oil, and Grease (FOG) surveys are a critical component in maintaining the operational efficiency of your facilities. By identifying and addressing FOG-related issues promptly, you can avoid the costly downtime and repairs often associated with FOG blockages in your drainage systems.

Cost-Saving Benefits of Regular FOG Management

  • Preventative Measures: Regular surveys can detect early signs of FOG buildup, allowing for preventative measures before costly blockages occur.
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs: By managing FOG effectively, you can reduce the frequency and severity of maintenance required for your drainage systems.
  • Avoidance of Fines: Staying ahead of FOG issues helps ensure compliance with environmental regulations, avoiding potential fines.

24/7 Drainage UK’s Approach to FOG Surveys

Our approach to FOG surveys is comprehensive and methodical. We use the latest technology and techniques to provide you with a clear understanding of the FOG situation in your facilities. Our team of experts will:

  • Conduct Thorough Inspections: Using CCTV drain surveys and other diagnostic tools, we identify FOG accumulations and potential risks.
  • Provide Detailed Reports: Our reports offer insights into the current state of your drainage systems and recommendations for FOG management.
  • Offer Customised Solutions: We tailor our FOG management strategies to your specific needs, ensuring the most effective solutions are implemented.

Operational Efficiency as a Key Consideration

Operational efficiency is at the heart of our FOG survey services. We understand that your time and resources are valuable, and our goal is to help you:

  • Minimise Disruptions: By scheduling surveys at your convenience and ensuring quick and efficient service, we minimise disruptions to your operations.
  • Maximise Resource Utilisation: Our FOG management solutions are designed to help you make the best use of your resources, avoiding waste and unnecessary expenses.
  • Ensure Long-Term Efficiency: With our ongoing support and maintenance plans, we help you maintain long-term operational efficiency, keeping your facilities running smoothly.

By choosing to work with us for your FOG survey needs, you’re not just getting a service provideryou’re gaining a partner dedicated to enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of your operations. If you’re ready to take the next step in FOG management, or if you have any questions about our services, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help you maintain a clean, compliant, and efficient operation.

When fats, oils, and greases (FOG) accumulate in your drainage systems, they can lead to significant financial risks, including costly repairs, operational downtime, and potential fines for non-compliance with environmental regulations. As a property owner, business owner, or facility manager, understanding these risks and the benefits of proactive FOG management is essential to protecting your bottom line.

Identifying Financial Risks

FOG accumulation can cause:

  • Sewer blockages that disrupt business operations.
  • Increased maintenance costs for cleaning and repairs.
  • Environmental fines due to non-compliance with waste disposal regulations.

Mitigating Economic Impacts with FOG Surveys

Regular FOG surveys help you:

  • Detect early signs of FOG buildup before they escalate.
  • Plan cost-effective maintenance to prevent blockages.
  • Ensure compliance with local and national waste management laws.

Long-Term Economic Benefits of Proactive FOG Management

Investing in regular FOG surveys offers:

  • Reduced risk of emergency repairs, saving you money and avoiding business interruptions.
  • Longevity of your drainage infrastructure, preventing premature replacement costs.
  • Enhanced reputation as a responsible business that cares for the environment.

Cost Savings with 24/7 Drainage UK

Our expertise in FOG management translates into:

  • Tailored solutions that address your specific FOG challenges.
  • Efficient survey methods that minimise disruption to your operations.
  • Strategic advice on FOG disposal and recycling options that can lead to cost reductions.

By partnering with us for your FOG survey needs, you’re not only ensuring the smooth operation of your drainage systems but also taking a proactive stance against the financial risks associated with FOG accumulation. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the knowledge and services necessary to manage FOG effectively, ultimately translating into significant cost savings for your business. If you’re ready to take control of your FOG management and protect your financial interests, contact us to learn more about our FOG survey services in Brighton and Sussex.

In the realm of property management, staying ahead of maintenance issues is key. For those dealing with fats, oils, and greases (FOG), technological advancements in survey methods have revolutionised the way we approach these challenges. As a property owner, business owner, or facility manager, you’re likely seeking the most accurate and efficient means to manage FOG. Here’s how the latest tech innovations are making a difference.

Cutting-Edge Tools for Precision

We’ve embraced a suite of advanced tools that elevate the precision of our FOG surveys:

  • High-Resolution CCTV Cameras: These allow us to visually inspect pipes and identify FOG buildup without invasive procedures.
  • 3D Scanning Technology: This provides a detailed view of your drainage system’s interior, highlighting areas that require attention.
  • Sensors and Probes: These devices measure FOG levels in real-time, offering immediate data for analysis.

Streamlining FOG Management

The benefits of these technological advancements are clear:

  • Enhanced Accuracy: Reduces the likelihood of oversight and ensures that all FOG-related issues are identified.
  • Efficiency Gains: Saves time in both the survey and subsequent cleaning processes, minimising disruption to your operations.
  • Predictive Maintenance: Advanced analytics can predict potential FOG issues before they become problematic, allowing for proactive management.

Staying Ahead with Innovation

Our commitment to innovation means we’re always exploring new technologies to enhance our FOG survey services. From AI-driven analysis to the latest in eco-friendly cleaning methods, we ensure that our approach to FOG management is not only effective but also sustainable.

  • AI and Machine Learning: These technologies help us analyse patterns and predict future FOG accumulations.
  • Eco-Friendly Solvents: We use solvents that break down FOG without harming the environment.
  • Automated Equipment: This ensures consistent and thorough cleaning during FOG removal.

By choosing our services, you’re not just getting a FOG survey; you’re getting a comprehensive FOG management solution that leverages the best of current technology. If you’re ready to take the next step in efficient and effective FOG management, or if you have any questions about our technological capabilities, please reach out. We’re here to provide you with the advanced solutions you need to keep your property in top condition.

When it comes to managing fats, oils, and greases (FOG) in your drainage systems, a one-size-fits-all approach simply doesn’t cut it. Your property is unique, with its own set of challenges and requirements. That’s why we, at our company, focus on creating customised FOG management plans that are tailored specifically to address the needs of your property, whether it’s a bustling restaurant in the heart of Brighton or a large manufacturing facility in Sussex.

Assessing Your Specific FOG Challenges

To develop a plan that’s just right for you, we consider several key factors:

  • The nature of your business: Different industries produce different amounts of FOG, and we take this into account.
  • The size of your operation: Larger facilities may require more robust FOG management strategies.
  • Your current FOG management practices: We build on what you’re already doing right and address any gaps.
  • Local regulations: Compliance is key, and we ensure your plan meets all local and national standards.

Tailoring Strategies for Maximum Effectiveness

Our customised plans enhance the effectiveness of FOG surveys by:

  • Targeting specific FOG sources: We identify where FOG is most likely to originate in your property and focus our efforts there.
  • Recommending the right equipment: From grease traps to biological treatment systems, we’ll suggest the best tools for the job.
  • Providing staff training: Educating your team on best practices is a crucial part of effective FOG management.

The Importance of a Personalised Approach

A personalised approach to FOG management is important because:

  • It ensures efficiency: By addressing your specific needs, we can provide solutions that are both effective and cost-efficient.
  • It minimises disruption: We work around your schedule and business demands to minimise any impact on your operations.
  • It fosters long-term success: Customised plans are more sustainable, helping you manage FOG effectively for years to come.

By choosing to work with us, you’re not just getting a service provideryou’re getting a partner who understands the unique challenges you face when it comes to FOG management. We’re committed to providing you with a plan that not only solves your current issues but also sets you up for long-term success. If you’re ready to take the next step in managing FOG at your property, or if you have any questions about our customised plans, please reach out. We’re here to help you find the perfect FOG management solution.

Regular Fat, Oil, and Grease (FOG) surveys are not just a regulatory requirement; they are a critical component of proactive property management. By scheduling these surveys consistently, you can prevent the build-up of FOG that leads to blockages, environmental hazards, and costly emergency repairs.

Preventative FOG Management

Consistent FOG management is essential for:

  • Avoiding Blockages: Regular surveys catch FOG accumulation before it leads to blockages and overflows.
  • Maintaining System Health: Frequent checks ensure your drainage system remains in optimal condition.
  • Compliance: Staying up-to-date with surveys means you’re always in line with environmental regulations.

Benefits of a Regular FOG Survey Schedule

With a regular FOG survey schedule, you’ll enjoy:

  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that potential issues are being monitored and addressed regularly.
  • Cost Savings: Preventative maintenance is far more cost-effective than emergency interventions.
  • Operational Continuity: Ensuring that your business operations are not interrupted by unexpected drainage issues.

Establishing an Effective FOG Survey Routine

We help you establish a FOG survey routine by:

  • Assessing Your Needs: We consider the size of your operation and the volume of FOG waste produced.
  • Tailoring the Schedule: We create a survey schedule that fits your specific business needs and risk levels.
  • Providing Reminders: Our team will keep track of your survey schedule and remind you when it’s time for the next one.

Regular FOG surveys are an investment in the longevity and efficiency of your property’s drainage system. By partnering with us, you’re choosing a team that values the health of your infrastructure and the success of your business. If you’re ready to establish a regular FOG survey schedule or have any questions about our services, please reach out. We’re here to ensure that your FOG management is hassle-free and effective.

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