Dan Warburton the founder of Teamology and mighty 247 Maintenance UK brand have joined forces to create a revolutionary drainage solutions company now called Teamology 247. They aim to offer the very most reliable 24 hour drainage solution service across Brighton, Hove and surrounding areas.

Utilising the 247 Maintenance UK team made up of highly experienced drainage specialists, taken on four brand new vans complete with state of the art pressure water jetting machines and bought new CCTV camera equipment manufactured by Pearpoint they are ready to go.

Dan Warburton has led teams of people carrying out property maintenance solutions under the name of Team Super and Teamology for over 10 years which has resulted in him being well known across Brighton & Hove. “It’s been one crazy ride but I’m hungry for more.” says Dan. “Theres something that really excites me about creating the best 24 hour emergency drainage service in the area and pulling together the best people and technology to make it happen.”

247 Maintenance UK currently specialise in drainage solutions for garden centres across the UK and are looking forward to focusing these service more locally across Sussex.

Teamology 247 is now set and ready to go.