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Blocked showers can be caused by trapped hair, soap buildup, hard water, dead animals, cloth or other domestic materials. they can also be caused by damaged shower pipes or root infestations. The backup is not only unsightly, but also unhealthy, as it can breed harmful bacteria. We understand the temptation to use Drano, but this may only provide temporary relief. Drano and other chemicals can cause toxic harm to you, and corrosion to your pipes, too. In addition, the pipes can be at a tough angle making any DIY solutions both difficult and risky.

We are experts. We will find out the root cause(s) of the blockage and tackle it/them. You want safety, quick response times, affordability and a solution that will address the problem permanently. Reach out to 247 Drainage UK experts in any of the locations below to engage a professional blocked shower solution provider: